Career & Guidance Counselling Services

I will be on vacation starting July 16th. I will be back in school, August 13th.

The booking calendar will be updated during the first week of classes. I will be helping academic services with online course schedule modifications. Therefore, I will start regular counselling services the second week, but will be available to answer questions about required courses or address urgent matters.

Please select a service to make a booking.


If this is your first appointment and you think you might need career counselling, select this one.

(30 minutes)

Regular Career Counselling Meetings

If you have already met the guidance counsellor during an intake meeting (30 minutes) and are booking additional meetings, select this one.

(50 minutes)


If you simply have questions on admissions, SAT, loans & bursaries, etc., book a 15-minute appointment.

(10 minutes)