Career & Guidance Counselling Services

September 27th, universities will be coming to St. Lawrence. I have not made individual appointments available online because I will be in and out of my office that day. However, I will be available to answer questions. Stop me in the hallway or drop by to see if I am in the office.

Office: Room 266
Regular Schedule : Tuesday to Friday
Every Monday 8 a.m., a new week of appointments will be added. You can only see 2 weeks at a time.

Please select a service to make a booking.


If this is your first appointment and you think you might need career counselling, select this one.

(30 minutes)

Regular Career Counselling Meetings

If you have already met the guidance counsellor during an intake meeting (30 minutes) and are booking additional meetings, select this one.

(50 minutes)


If you simply have questions on admissions, SAT, loans & bursaries, etc., book a 15-minute appointment.

(10 minutes)